We we avoid syrups?

We do not consider any syrup to be a healthy choice. Understanding of this came after the searches by the company owners of the most dangerous sweetener and a detailed study of the methods for producing natural syrups and their effect on the body.

What is a syrup?

Syrup is a 70-80% solution of simple carbohydrates, namely sugars (monosaccharides and disaccharides) in water. Syrups differ in composition and ratio of these sugars, as well as in the presence of microelements and other substances, the amount of which is insignificant – up to 1%.

Syrups are made mainly by heating for a long time, which evaporates excess water. Vitamins ruin during this process. Technologies differ a bit, we’re going to write about them more detailed in separate posts. Furthermore, the solution is being filtered in order to purify it from solid residual and lints. Thus after a while the solution become transparent and viscous. Polysaccharides, which were contained in raw ingredients before making a syrup, decompose into simple sugars: glucose and fructose (monosaccharides), sucrose (disaccharide consisting of glucose and fructose).


Kinds of syrups.

According to its composition syrups can be:

  • Glucose
  • Sucrose
  • Fructose

There are grape, date and corn syrups among glucose ones – consequently, they mostly consist of glucose. In maple syrup the main component is sucrose (90%), hence it only slightly differs from sugar.

In sunroot and agave syrups main component is fructose. Hence why they’re low in glycemic index – the insulin hormone does not react on fructose. There is very little useful inulin (polysaccharide, which is found in sunroot tubers) in the syrup, since it decomposes to fructose in the process of making the syrup, and after some time the residue may also decompose.

Negative effect of syrups

According to recent researches, the excessive consumption of fructose is the reason of liver obesity, which later may lead to insulin resistance and body obesity. It refers to an excessive consumption of products with free fructose in solutions and syrups, as well as to some fruits, which are rich in it. Liver can metabolize very little amount of fructose, the rest of which converts into fat. Everyone have their own individual dosage. Fructose is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar (sucrose) and 3 times sweeter than glucose, while its consumption does not lead to the feeling of satiety like in case of consumption of glucose, because the hormone of satiety leptin does not release, hence people often overeat high fructose sweets with all negative consequences.

The metabolism of glucose is simplier – free glucose can be quickly converted into energy by muscles and brain, especially if you have physical or mental load. In this case part of the glucose will be quickly metabolized into glycogen, while the residue will be converted into fat and reserved for the future.

If the person is pre-diabetic or diabetic, has growth or lead sedentary, inactive lifestyle, the consumption of glucose is unadvisable. For healthy glucose consumption it is important to know your dosage and advisable time, as well as the state of internal organs system. These numbers are individual for everyone, hence it’s important to consult with dietitians and physicians.


Advice from Healthy Tradition

We decided not to use syrups in our products. Syrups contain large concentration of sugars, which is excessive if you add it to other products, which contain sufficient amount of simple and complex carbohydrates. We are for moderately sweet tastes, for the consumption of complex carbohydrates, which have gradual metabolism in the human body. In some our products there is still acacia honey, which we gradually abandon by changing technology.

If you’re a sweet tooth, then decide for yourself which monosaccharide is more acceptable for you – fructose or glucose, and based on this choose best syrups and products with their content. Learn on your own the decomposition of carbohydrates (sugars) into complex and simple in your favorite products. There’s no such information on the package 😉

As a sweetener, try to add spices with a sweet taste such as cinnamon, vanilla etc.